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Brian's Background

Brian Krassenstein is a Web Entreprereneur, a Domain investor, and an advertising consultant for TE Advertising Inc. Brian launched his online business's at the age of 15, in 1997 with a small sports card website hosted at AOL's free pages. From there, Brian with his Brother Edward Krassenstein went into affiliate marketing with the sales of video games and posters for Gamestop and respectedly. Some of their past websites from the late 1990's included:

Gamers Advantage

From Here Brian Krassenstein created Talkgold. This is a website dedicated to the open discussion of various ways to earn a living online. This includes, affiliate marketing, Stock Investing, HYIP's, Paid to surf programs, etc. In November of 2007 Talkgold was Sold By the Krassenstein brothers Trust for an undisclosed amount, and Brian benefiting the most from the sale.

Currently Brian Krassenstein has focused his attention on the Domain marketplace. It is said that Brian's Corporation owns over 1900 domains names which include several valuable 3 letter .com domains as well as a good deal of generic termed .com domain names. Brian seemingly continues to buy up as many generic and short .com domains as he possibly can.

Slander and Libel online Again Brian Krassenstein

Brian Krassenstein's name continue to be slandered online with claims about all sorts of things. We have concluded that these comments are from random internet users looking to get back at Brian by bashing his Business and his name.

- Idetrorce spam bot link:
Brian simply registered a domain name with the same name that someone used to distribute a virus. The domain was dropped as soon as he found out the connection, and Mr. Krassenstein had nothing to do with the spam bot. Despite this there is a blog post claiming that he was connected to this spam bot attack, and clearly was NOT. There is a pretty large write up about the slander that took place here: Slander of Brian's name

- Ponzi Scheme association.
When Brian ran he was forced to ban dozens of scammers from his site. As revenge some of these scammers such as PIP's Bryan Marsden , and his followers, lashed out and tried slandering his name. Due to the fact that some investment programs who purchased ads on Talkgold ended as schemes, these people tried linking his name to the very programs that also advertised on sites like Google, Yahoo, and As far as we are aware, Brian Krassenstein has never been involved in any sort of ponzi scheme, and in fact has been credited several times online for steering people clear of scams.

Brian Krassenstein continues to consult some of the largest web business's online about advertising techniques, web design, and Search engine optimization methods. He also provides free hostign to Green-Tech related sites such as Brian Has also won several web awards included the Green Blog Webmaster of the month.

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